$120 for 4 weeks

Deadline for registration is 7 PM on the day before the first class. Any registrations received after 7 PM the night before the first class of the session will receive the pre-recorded video of the first class (or classes missed if session already began). Be sure to include your email address.

Learn how to draw and paint the full-front face. Gain an understanding of how anatomy and lighting influence appearance. Demonstrations of painting a full front portrait, and of painting the features. Homework assigned. Interactive discussion during critiques.

Week 1-Challenges of the Full-Front Portrait explained in Lecture and Diagrams. Demonstration of how to start a full-front portrait using a wet-toned underpainting method. Q & A. Homework Assigned: Start painting a portrait from an image selected from the Reference folder using the same approach as in the Demonstration.

Week 2-Short Lecture on facial anatomy as seen from the front. Demonstration showing the continued development in painting last week’s portrait. Q & A. Interactive review of completed homework. Homework Assigned: Continue work developing the portrait based on today’s demonstration.

Week 3-Demonstrations on painting full-front features. Q&A. View any continued development to the ongoing demonstration portrait. Q&A. Interactive review of completed homework. Homework Assigned: 1. Paint studies of individual features from the provided reference. 2. Continue work developing the portrait based on today’s demonstrations.

Week 4-Demonstration showing completion of the portrait. Q&A. Interactive review of completed homework.
NO Homework Assigned. (Critiques for submissions after this class will only be in writing in Dropbox.)

Students will gain a better understanding and proficiency at drawing and painting people.

This class is suitable for beginner, intermediate, or advanced students
Wednesdays 1 PM: April 7, 14, 21, 28

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Here is what our students are saying:
“Lois is great! A great artist & a great teacher!!!”

“The classes have been very informative and enjoyable.”

“Lois is a fabulous instructor (not to forget artist!). I always learn something new and effective from Lois.”

“Not only is Lois (and Hongnian as well) a master painter, but she is a fabulous teacher. She explains and demonstrates the lessons well, she is generous with her time and eager for the student to “get it,” and she is encouraging and kind! I am so happy to have found them to learn how to create paintings!”