$120 for 4 consecutive weeks

Deadline for registration is 7 PM on the day before the first class. Any registrations received after 7 PM the night before the first class of the session will receive the pre-recorded video of the first class (or classes missed if session already began). Be sure to include your email address.

Color Still Life Painting class will deal with color as value, temperature and saturation. Strong drawing skill using color will be stressed. There will be copying of old masters and homework of students original painting. There will be both class critiques as well as online Dropbox critiques.

Week 1-Basic supplies and preparation. Review of colors. The 3 guidelines for color use. Homework.

Week 2-Homework(Copying Old Master) Critique annotation

Week 3-Home Original Painting Critique annotation/demo

Week 4-Critique demo/homework/annotation

Students will gain a better understanding of visual principles.

Suitable for beginners.
Monday 1 PM: May 17, 24, 31, June 7

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