$120 for 4 consecutive weeks

Deadline for registration is 7 PM on the day before the first class. Any registrations received after 7 PM the night before the first class of the session will receive the pre-recorded video of the first class (or classes missed if session already began).

Art is a way of recognizing oneself, which is why it will always be modern.”
-Louise Bourgeois

Art is sustenance.”
-Sarah Sze

What I look for in art of any period is imaginative energy. Radiance, equilibrium, composure, color, light, vitality, poise, buoyancy. A transcendent ability to soar above life.”
-Mark Rothko

This new online adventure is for painters who work in acrylic and/or oil mediums. I cordially invite all artists, beginner to advanced. You will forge new ground that will add visible breadth to your repertoire.

I present international artists, their work and thoughts about process and painting. They continue to portray abstraction with an irresistible array of new materials. Our phenomenal time period NOW has artists newly published and I will show you them all. Their experimentation runs through our present, freely evolving through tumultuous times. Traversing spontaneity through surface, texture and the glories of paint is where we shall travel.

I set forth for you pragmatic demonstrations and explicit study of the sumptuous life of abstraction and paint. We will paint together in this new paradigm of online study and we will paint towards the future.

Transparency is perhaps the most enchanting method of conducting light and space, seen as playing a formative role in painting for centuries. Yet, it remains underused in the application of abstraction. I offer you a plentitude of up to date encounters with the magic that occurs between transparency and opacity.

What is the illusion of transparency and how can artists arrive to disclosure and veiling at the same time? How does light pass through layers of paint and reflect off the surface behind and gleam back to the viewer with that special luminescence? How can one space detect two independent types of forms in the same place? How do shape and color exact the possibility of refraction? What is the relationship between opaque and transparent materials and the space they reside in?

I aim to show you the dizzying new arrangements in the galaxy of abstract painting NOW!

For Beginners and Advanced Artists. We will be starting a painting together in class and you may continue during the week for a homework assignment. Homework is not mandatory. If you desire a review of your work, we have a Dropbox for homework. This adds intrigue as we can see each other’s creations every week. You do not need a personal Dropbox account. WSA will supply you with a link and we can assist you with uploading your work.
Thursdays 1:00 PM. June 17, 24, July 1 and 8.

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