$120 for 4 consecutive classes

Deadline for registration is 7 PM on the day before the first class. Any registrations received after 7 PM the night before the first class of the session will receive the pre-recorded video of the first class (or classes missed if session already began). Be sure to include your email address.

Monotypes and monoprints will be printed by hand. Waterbase inks, markers, and crayons are applied to a variety of nonabsorbent surfacse to create exotic reticulating washes, bends and expressive brush strokes.
Specific waterbase inks will be used while varying traditional Hanga woodblock methods. Gouaches and intense waterbased pigments can mixed with a range of vehicle bases, Nori. Gum Arabic, and Speedball extender base. The use of Akua ink which is a Soy based ink will also be demonstated. À poupée inking and chine-collé (collage through the press) as well as print paper/collage materials, archival gluing, tinting methods, and proper presentation will be discussed.
We will chronicle the unique print through multiple reactivated and drawn again images. Endless variations will be created using single and multiple print matrixes. Discover fresh personal imagery through print progressions!
Use your drawings, collages, prints, photo ideas–or plan to work extemporaneously.

This workshop will fulfill beginners to advanced printmakers.

Basically each session this time will include a basic demo and then a more advanced variation on that technique. That gives the more experienced printmakers a review and a new technique to try. Monoprint = Unique Print that already has an image incised or collaged into it. Monotype = A print pulled from a painting on a nonabsorbent plate.

Week 1- Waterbase monotype with Speedball – Blended surface roll + reticulated washes + painting and drawing techniques

Week 2-Soap base monotype with Akua – Ink mixing, transparency, surface roll, subtractive method, multi-plate printing

Week 3-Waterbase monoprint, Speedball -stencils – monoprint with woodblocks, and a range of matrixes

Week 4-Soap base monoprint , Akua – inking drypoint + collagraphs + chine collé

Students will learn how to print without a press Monotypes and Monoprints, on both beginning and advanced levels. For example artists will learn basic inking techniques along with color printing, collage through the press, and multi-plate printing. They will continue to understand and expand their language of Printmaking

Suitable for all levels, no experience necessary! Ages 16+
Tuesdays, 10:00 AM. April 20, 27, May 4, May 11.

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“Lisa does a great job of showing us so many options for working with water base inks.”