$120 for 4 consecutive weeks

Deadline for registration is 7 PM on the day before the first class. Any registrations received after 7 PM the night before the first class of the session will receive the pre-recorded video of the first class (or classes missed if session already began). Be sure to include your email address.

Drawing“, Matisse once said, “is like making an expressive gesture with the advantage of permanence.” Make an expressive gesture within your drawing practice by exploring the human figure as a theme in one’s own personal expression. This one-hour Zoom session coaches the figure drawing enthusiast past the challenges of technique and finding one’s artistic voice starting with twenty minutes of drawing from the model in a variety of poses and then through a series of illustrated lectures and top down video demonstrations. Each class features a video sketch of a figurative artist, work, or trend that has impacted the artistic evolution of figure drawing. Homework helps the student to integrate the lessons into their practice and thus all are encouraged to submit work for the critique at the end of each class.
Thursday, 10 AM.   August 5, 12, 19, and 26. Online only. Register for this session below.

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Here is what our students are saying:
“He (Keith) He is an excellent and dedicated teacher. My drawing has improved immensely with him after only 6 classes.”

“Learning so much!”

“The Thursday morning class with Keith is the highlight of my week. I so look forward to what new drawing and observing skills I will be learning.”

“It is rare and a blessing to have the opportunity to study with an instructor of his caliber.”

“Enjoying class and would do again.”

“Keith has very organized and inspirational classes. Keith Gunderson is a truly remarkable instructor!”