Born in Berkeley, California and a long time resident of Woodstock, NY, K. L. McKenna divides her time between the Hudson Valley and the American West. Her luminous landscape paintings reveal a profound attachment to the natural geology and essence of place in her paintings of Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Utah and Arizona. Monumental rock formations meet flat plains; angular roads eerily cut through landscapes seemingly uninhabited; endless sky and natural geometries dominate. McKenna's influences are evident; Gauguin and van Gogh in color and line; Bonnard in flattened pattern; and Georgia O'Keeffe in the skillful fusion between the abstract and the figurative. "My goal is to create indelible images that are uniquely individual, each with their own identity, personality and purpose while at the same time exhibit a recognizable voice." K. L. McKenna recently won the People's Choice Award 2015 at Cowgirl Up! Exhibition at the Desert Caballeros Western Museum.