Hongnian Zhang is a Chinese American oil painter who works in the Western academic tradition. Works by this gifted artist have been exhibited and acquired by museums, galleries, corporations and private collectors across the globe. In 2000, Zhang and his wife, artist Lois Woolley, co-wrote The Yin Yang of Painting. This book explains his philosophy and methods of painting. In 2008, China’s Ren-Min Mei-Shu Publishing Company selected Zhang as one artist in their Living Masters monograph series on Chinese Contemporary Distinguished Oil Painters. Hongnian Zhang has taught oil painting in America for many years, at both the graduate program of New York Academy and the Woodstock School of Art. Recently, Mr. Zhang accepted a position as Professor of Oil Painting at Fudan University’s Shanghai Institute of Visual Art. He is currently working with other Chinese artists to establish an Association for Epic and Historical Painting. He divides his time between China and the United States.