Annual Print

Watering Hole, a new linoleum block print by Alan McKnight, has been chosen by The Woodstock School of Art as its 2018 Annual Print. The print, limited to an edition of 85, will be given to contributors of $100 or more to the nonprofit school.

McKnight says “When asked to do a print for the School, I looked through my sketch-books for a subject that would lend itself to linoleum-block carving. Back in the 1980s Bob Angeloch had us doing three-tone drawings (black, white and one mid-tone grey) to get us to ‘simplify’ and strengthen composition. I took some of these and turned them into two-tone drawings. (Some worked, some didn’t.) The one we chose is of the pond in my back yard in Saugerties where deer often came to drink. It is a vignette that strongly tested my handling of negative space.”

Alan McKnight minored in art at Oberlin College in 1956-58. In 1965 he helped start a co-operative print shop in New Haven and worked as its graphic artist for eight years. In 1975, after a two-year stint carving and painting signs, he returned to graphic arts and ran his own graphics shop in Saugerties for thirteen years while he studied fine art with Bob Angeloch and others at the Woodstock School of Art. In 1993 he moved to the Rocky Mountain West where he painted, carved and taught for thirteen years. In 2006 he returned to Woodstock and to studying at the WSA, and he’s an active artist at the Woodstock Artist Association.