The Woodstock School of Art (WSA) has chosen artist, Carol Slutzky-Tenerowicz to create the 2021 Annual Print. Koi is a carved linoleum block relief print. The limited edition of 85 prints follows a long tradition of artist printmakers who have been selected to create a new print for its annual fund raiser. The print will be given to contributors of $125 or more to the nonprofit school.

“I have been intrigued by Koi Fish for a long time. They have a graceful rhythm and flow that lends itself beautifully to being drawn. I have done drawings, Moku Hanga (Japanese Woodcut) and Orkney White Line Woodcut of Koi Fish and now this Linocut for WSA. I had no idea how much I would find about the myths and symbolism connected to the Koi until I did some research. They are believed to bring, among other things, luck, good fortune, and are associated with perseverance and strength of purpose. They swim upstream, against the current, overcoming all obstacles. They do not give up.

In keeping with an old Studio 4 tradition I offer a Haiku:

Koi swim upstream with tenacity
Swim downstream
In tranquility

Slutzky-Tenerowicz earned a BFA in painting and printmaking from Colorado State University and then spent a post graduate year at the Pennsylvania Academy of Arts, taking classes exclusively in printmaking. Over the years she owned and operated an art supply store and an art gallery. She also continued to study with artists whose work style she admired, both privately and in workshop groups in Italy. After 20 years of focusing on landscape painting, she started taking printmaking classes at the Woodstock School of Art in 1998 to refresh her knowledge of printmaking techniques. She has remained a devoted student and friend of the school ever since. A traditionalist at heart, she has recently branched out, allowing a little bit of daring to enter her work. Thanks Kate.

Contact registrar@woodstockshoolofart.org to arrange pick up or shipping details.

Annual Print (all donors of $125 or more will receive print)