Quince, a new 8″ x 6″ etched linoleum block print by The Woodstock School of Art instructor Joan Ffolliott, has been chosen by the school for it’s 2020 Annual Print. The print, limited to an edition of 85, will be given to contributors of $125 or more to the nonprofit school.

“The image for Quince developed from my desire to abstract the huge flowering quince that lives outside my front door and plays a big role in my feelings about living in the Hudson Valley. It’s dominance and beauty every spring has been both a comfort and an inspiration. I knew I wanted to explore the positive and negative shapes that emerge between the branches and background. I also wanted to investigate a new technique of lino etching, which was unfamiliar to me, but seemed like a process that suited my love for graphic form derived from experimentation. I did many test plates with the acid, discovering how the linoleum reacts, breaks down, and resists the chemical destruction to reveal an image that is both predictable and unpredictable; my favorite kind of picture. It is my hope that the viewer sees both familiarity of place and exploration of form in my Quince lino etching.”

Joan began her formal artistic training at the University of Washington in sculpture and printmaking. She went on to earn her MFA at the Rhode Island School of Design and began teaching art and design courses at the college after graduation. Joan’s artwork has consistently focused on the exploration of materials, processes, and images and how all three influence and affect each other and the viewers’ perception. She usually begins a series with a formal or conceptual problem and then lets the give and take of working on the pieces inform the final outcomes. Though mostly along the spectrum of abstraction, Joan’s work evokes thoughts about contemporary issues and invites questions about the relationship between materials and images. Joan has exhibited her work around the country and was a recipient of a Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant. She is currently a member of the faculty at SUNY Ulster Community College and the Woodstock School of Art. She lives and works in Malden-on-Hudson, New York.