Well, we did it again! Monothon 2017 was another rip-roaring success—bigger and better than last year, with four Master Printers pulling over 350 prints for 60 artists in 7 days! We had guest artists from other states, home-grown all-stars, seasoned veterans and at least two artists who have never made a monoprint in their lives.

Each artist had a few things in common: an interest in working with our darling Master Printers Anthony Kirk, Lisa Mackie, Kathy Caraccio and me; a chance to work in our amazing new printmaking studios; and perhaps most importantly, a desire to benefit The Woodstock School of Art.

It’s your turn to keep the fire that was sparked burning. The monoprints in this survey have been priced to sell, are as diverse as the artists who made them, and each need a new home. Build on your collection or start yours now and be a part of Monothon and printmaking history in Woodstock.

The Woodstock Monoprint Invitational Exhibition has become an event not to be missed, and our walls are resplendent with the spirit that prevailed in our studios during that creative burst of art making and camaraderie. I hope you enjoy seeing this work as much as we did creating it for you.

Kate McGloughlin
August 2017


Mizuyo Aburano, PoppiesSOLD
Mariella Bisson, Lost and Found at Hidden Valley Falls, SOLD
Elizabeth Broad, Tuscan Wall, $500
Mandara Calderon, Morning Fun, SOLD
Nancy Campbell, Hommelville Barn, Spring, SOLD
Monica Coleman, Zeus, $200
Anne Crowley, Garden, $300
Maxine Davidowitz, Late LightSOLD
E S DeSanna, West Sussex Pastures, $400
Nina Doyle, Oversight, SOLD
Mary Anne Erickson, Solo Flight, SOLD
Peter Franceschetti, Helter Skelter, $250
Lynne Friedman, Canyon, $350
Angela Gaffney-Smith, Next Generation #3, $150
Mary Lou Ganio, Sherburne Sheep, $200
Darcy Gerbarg, URTBM1, SOLD
Jill Gibbons, Emerald Sea, $350
Milton Glaser, Yellow LandscapeSOLD
Shirley Glaser, My Friend Bruno, SOLD
Elizabeth Gourlay, six fifteen, SOLD
Calvin Grimm, After Willem, SOLD
Ann Haaland, She Resists, $225
Sallie Ketcham, Away II, $275
Anthony Kirk, Cill Rialaig Sheep, SOLD
Janice LaMotta, Study for Bouquet no. 1, $600
Polly M. Law, Winter Is Coming, $400
Lisa Mackie, Cicada, $400
Mary Anne Malkine, Adirondacks, SOLD
Lynn Margileth, Pond 1, SOLD
Kate McGloughlin, Last Ferry, Nantucket, SOLD
Elin Menzies, Swimming Near Gators, $250
Wilma Miller, Maine Island, $350
David Munford, Enter the Rondout, $500
Florence Neal, Boogie Woogie Woods, $1000
Petra Nimtz, How About Circles and Grids? #7, $900
Dion Ogust, View in Sepia, SOLD
Robert Ohnigian, After ConstableSOLD
Michael Piotrowski, Working an Idea..., $350
Eileen Power, Bougainvillea, $350
Leah Rubenstein, Finian’s Bay, $500
Sandra Scheuer, Return to the Wind Rivers, SOLD
Richard Segalman, Tino & Kuda, $2500
Roberta Shea, Flora, $350
Rita Sherry, The Thinker, $250 SOLD
Roberta Sickler, Farmstead Holm, $250 SOLD
Alan Siegel, Man, $200
Susan Silverman, Rhinecliff StudioSOLD
Janet Siskind, Verlycca SwampSOLD
Carol Slutzky-Tenerowicz, Olana Drama, $300 SOLD
Paul Solis-Cohen, Tiger Lily, $200
Frank Spinelli, Nebulous, $250
Bill Still, Tortuga, SOLD
Liza Tivey, Bathing Elephant, SOLD
Julio Valdez, Blue Purple Flower with Cooper’s Ghost, $600
Chelsea Vierstra, #9, $150
Claudia Waruch, The Indigo EdgeSOLD
Jennifer Wilmshurst, Hortas ConclususSOLD
Marcie Woodruff, untitled, $250
Adrienne Zabriskie, Lantern Light, $550
Nancy Zarider, Market Girl, Bangkok, $350